Instructions on taking an Ice Bath

7 Health Benefits of Ice Cold Water - Harcourt HealthIce bath! Ice Baths!! Ice cold baths!! Today we are learning how to take an ice bath. Carli Lloyd of the US Women’s National Team makes a guest appearance in this ice bath video!

This video is geared for athletes 12 years and older.

Olympians need to recover quickly between their games and events. There is no time to be sore! Some Olympians will take an ice bath after their performances or practices to remove soreness from their body, help them recover faster and keep their body ready for their next competition. That’s #OlympicDedication!

Equipment Needed: Bathtub, water and ice. If you don’t have a bathtub you can use a clean large trashcan.

Key Points:

The benefits of an ice bath1. Fill a Bath Tub with cold water so it covers your legs and waist.

2. Dump 1-2 bags worth of ice in the tub. If you have a thermometer try to get the water temperature between 45-50 degrees. That’s what I like personally; you can go colder if you want.

3. Sit in the water for 10-15 minutes. After 2 minutes you will go numb and the pain will be tolerable. #OlympicDedication! Don’t get out early!

4. Wear a long sleeve shirt or sweatshirt to help keep the top half of your body warm if needed.

5. Bring a magazine or book with you in the tub too to help pass the time. I’d advise against bringing an ipad, just in case you drop it! Ipad’s don’t need ice baths!

Bonus Tip!

Wear booties to help keep your toes warm! Most pros wear booties. If you don’t have booties wear socks and that will help too.

Take ice baths regularly as part of your post work out routines and you will see an increase in your performance because your body will be fresh and ready to go day in and day out!

What Player Could Be Doing Wrong: 

If you are still sore the next day after an ice bath then your ice bath wasn’t cold enough. Do note that an ice bath doesn’t remove all soreness but it helps a lot.

If you shaking violently in the tub and your body is in extreme pain for too long then your water is too cold and you need to get out!! Be safe, you don’t want to give yourself hypothermia. Don’t be a tough guy and try to create below 32-degree temperatures. That’s too cold.

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